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Beyond Happily Ever After: 5 alternate endings to love stories that are equally beautiful

We felt happy when Krish and Ananya from 2 States finally got married in that beautiful backdrop, leaving behind all that family feud. We also felt happy when Jhilmil and Barfi died together, holding hands. What is it about these love stories? The fact that they got married and ended up together makes their love story beautiful and satisfying. While marriage and ending up together is a seamlessly beautiful climax, is it the only inspiring ending for filmy love stories? I don’t think so. There are many possible endings that too can be called a “happy ending”, like these ones:

Letting go

Ayushmann in Meri Pyaari Bindu

It takes courage to finally let go and walk away from what once felt like “forever”. Abhimanyu from Meri Pyaari Bindu, of all the people, would know. A love nurtured since childhood, Abhimanyu, after a lot of hate and struggle, comes to terms with the fact that Bindu has finally moved on. But that does not mean that he wipes her off from his memories. Through the beautiful memories that were created over the years, he will always cherish what they had, and Bindu will always have a special place in his heart. He will just stop fixating on her and stop writing horror novels with Bindu in mind! Just like Sebastian and Mia from La La Land, Bindu, and Abhimanyu part ways, with memories still fresh in their souls, showing us that letting go is also a beautiful ending to a beautiful love story.

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Living in the memory of the person

October bollywood movie

But there are some, who do not want to let go. They live with those beautiful memories, waiting for their loved one to return like Appu from Mayanadhi, who hopefully waits for Mathan to jump from nowhere and walk by her side. For Dan from October, there is no scope for return, yet he surrenders completely whatever feeling he shared with Shiuli. Though they do not show what happens to Dan, but when you see him going with the plant that belonged to Shiuli, you know that he wants to keep it, as a memory of Shiuli.

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Finding yourself in love

wake up sid proposal scene

Sometimes love can help you find yourself and know yourself better. Sid was just a lost boy with no sense of direction until he met Aisha who changed his whole world around. With her, he learned to be a grown-up, take responsibility, and realized where his heart was. Rani from Queen also found herself in love, but in this case, when love crushed into million pieces. In the chaos of lost love, she learned to live for herself and prioritize herself above anyone.

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Moving on for the best


What once seemed perfect may not look the same a couple of years down the road. Your whole world can fall down in seconds. Ask Deepak from Masaan and he will tell you. He had painted the perfect picture of his future with Shalu. His ideal future broke into several thousand pieces when he found that she is dead. But instead of confiding in grief, he steps out, takes control of his life, and learns to move on. The same happens for Amrita in Thappad. A man whom she once loved more than anything turned out to be a stranger after one incident. She did not want to go back and gracefully chose to exit the marriage. She, like Deepak, learned to move on for the best.

Dying for love

Ram Leela

If not in this world, then in the other! That’s the alternative Ram-Leela (Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela), Parma-Zoya (Ishaqzaade) went for. The whole world was against them, was against their love. But they were not ready to give up. They escaped to another world where their union would face no opposition. They chose to die for love.

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