Unrequited Love in Indian Cinema
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Movie characters that faced unrequited love!

There’s nothing more painful to realize that the love you share for someone is never coming back. But sometimes unrequited love can also be poetic in a sense and teach us several things. Here are some movie characters who handled unrequited love quite well.

1.Aditi from Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani (2013)

Aditi (played by Kalki Koechlin) had a crush on Avi which was visible to everyone except Avi. She kept doing nice little things for Avi only to be friend-zoned by him. During their Manali trip, reality hit Aditi and she saw that Avi never really liked her that way and probably won’t be able to as well. But she took it well and did not let her friendship with Avi get jeopardized because of her feeling. She went on with her life and let Avi move on with his as well, supporting him throughout as a friend. Aditi later gives in to an arranged marriage and gets married to Taran.

2. Appu from Ennu Ninde Moideen (2015)

While we all hailed the love saga of Kanchana and Moideen, we forgot to notice the lovelorn Appu Ettan, who watched everything silently by the sidelines. He loved Kanchana from a very young age and it broke his heart to see her sacrifice her life for Moideen, who was also his friend. But after several years he gets very close to marrying Kanchana only to realize that she will never be able to replace Moideen in her life. He walks away silently, celebrating the depth of the love they share, in fact rooting for them later. He was a good guy, wasn’t he?

3. Sruthi from Barfi (2012)

Sruthi Barfi Ileana Dcruz

In their early 20s, Sruthi and Barfi fall in love with each other, madly. But love is not enough to live a happy and meaningful life, Sruthi’s mother imparts practical wisdom to her daughter. Sruthi breaks up with him, thinking it is for the good. But years later when she meets him, she feels a sense of longing to be back with Barfi. But it was too late. Barfi had found true love in Jhilmil and this envied Sruthi, not in a harmful way though. She couldn’t help thinking about the choices she made, and how her life would have been if she had made better decisions. Now she was there, still in love with Barfi, who did not love her anymore. But she wasn’t a selfish person, otherwise, why would she help Barfi and Jhilmil get back together?

4. Abhimanyu from Meri Pyaari Bindu (2017)

Ayushmann Khurana Meri Pyaari Bindu

People fall in love and when things fall apart, one person out of the two may find it challenging to get over things. Abhimanyu was that person. Bindu was his childhood friend whom he later couldn’t help gushing over. Even Bindu liked him equally. But timing turned the villain in their relationship. It messed up things for them and Abhimanyu couldn’t move on with his life. Bindu gets married and leads a happy life while Abhimanyu is still stuck with his unacknowledged feelings. In the end, we see them finally come together after ages, and Abhimanyu’s love for her is still visible in the way he looks at her. But for Bindu, he is just a good old friend for whom she is grateful.

5. Veronica from Cocktail (2012)

Deepika Cocktail

Veronica deserved better. She wasn’t a bad person. Gautam of all the people was the bad guy, or so I feel. He slept with her and took full advantage of her and when she confronted him with her love for him, he ignores it just like that. He in turn falls for Meera, who was a more domesticated and presentable one. Veronica tries to get back Gautam but realizes that he is never going to feel the same way. In the end, she happily helps in reuniting Gautam and Meera.

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