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Love against all odds- 4 Films That Challenged Conventional Love

Will my parents approve? Are we from the same ethnicity? Are we of the same financial status?

In the real world, we ask all these questions before falling in love. There are so many factors that need to be given thought before we can commit. It has to make sense, right?

But there are movies that have taken the other route, showing the most impossible love in the most possible way. These off-beat romances as I would like to call them, do not ask the questions I mentioned above. They may not even make sense in the real world but still, it is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, and I guess you too.

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Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about a love that is delusional, the one where two star-crossed lovers elope to set up a home in the mountains. I’m talking about a love that is unconventional but very real. And the people in love are courageous enough to go for it, risking a lot because they find comfort in that love. And the best part is that these love stories are rooted in reality.

Let’s have a look at some of these off-beat romances:

Veera and Mahabir (Highway)

Alia Bhatt Highway

Bache palegi kya mere!” (Will you mother my children!) – Mahabir asks Veera in anger, knowing that they do have something for each other which makes no sense in a practical world. Veera sure loved Mahabir but had no plans to mother his children. The feelings she had for Mahabir do not translate to a future. The feelings she had for him are about finally being seen and heard, finally feeling like herself around someone. And that is precious, for both Veera and Mahabir. What will happen tomorrow- will they even be with each other? They both were equally clueless but wanted to treasure whatever moments they could share before the so-called “conventions” drifted them apart.

Piku and Raana (Piku)

Deepika Padukone and Irrfan Khan in Piku

The film Piku is about a 30-year-old daughter and her relationship with her old father. Raana just happened to be a small part of their lives one fine morning. But Piku and Raana’s relationship is very vague. From how they get along with each other we feel like they might become a couple in the film. But nothing about that is concluded and I think that is for the best. Someone like Piku who is always frustrated with so many things on her plate, Raana is the one person with whom she can be seen as relaxed and in her element. They share deep meaningful conversations (the most intimate part of relationships!) and have really good chemistry. But maybe it was just about that, nothing more, or maybe not- we will never know!

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Dan and Shiuli (October)

October bollywood movie

I don’t believe there has ever been an unconventional love story like in October. Dan and Shiuli were just two people working together and their lives changed forever. Just one question and Dan’s entire purpose for living changed. As an outsider, you might think how stupid he is, to give up everything like that for something that can’t be even defined properly. He risks everything-his career, his life to be with Shiuli. The moments of closeness they share are impossible to describe in words. It was an inexplicable feeling that both Dan and Shiuli will treasure for life. The caption of the film also says “Not a love story” and anyone who has seen the film will agree. It is about those beautiful, indefinable connections and feelings that may not make sense in the real world.

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Ratna and Ashwin (Sir)

Sir Hindi film

A maid falling in love with her employer, her “Sir”- as uncanny as it sounds, it is one of the most realistic unconventional romances ever shown in a Hindi film. The class divide is of primal importance in a country like ours and Sir keeps this in consideration throughout its run. While the feelings may seem surreal, maybe even unusual, the storytelling of Sir is deeply rooted in the reality of our society. The film is as practical as it can get. And the best part of Sir is that it challenges the status quo by adhering to the status quo. Watch the film if you do not believe me.

Did I miss any other films with off-beat romances? Tell me in the comments

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