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Ullozhukku Review – A Look into Human Imperfections

In a small house somewhere in Kuttanad’s scenic location, where rains are pouring heavily, everyone seems to be stranded, even a dead body, but not due to the rains alone. Ullozhukku, helmed by debutant Christo Tomy, is a well-written and well-made movie about complex human emotions and behaviors that result in complicated twists and turns where people’s lives are in question. But is there really a wow factor? Let’s explore.

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Premises and Writing of Ullozhukku – Striking the Right Balance

Urvashi in Ullozhukku

Directed with finesse, this film weaves a narrative that is both intricate and deeply moving. At its core are two central characters: Leelamma, portrayed by the ever-brilliant Urvashi, and her daughter-in-law Anju, brought to life by the talented Parvathy. Both women are tethered by their shared circumstances, yet their responses to their predicaments differ starkly.

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Leelamma’s story is one of unfulfilled dreams. Forced into marriage at a young age, she abandoned her aspiration of studying medicine. However, she embraces her new life with a delusional optimism, crafting an internal narrative so blissful that even Jesus would envy her life. I guess, this coping mechanism shields her from the emptiness and monotony of her existence, a stark contrast to Anju, who remains acutely aware of her suffocating reality. Anju’s desire to reunite with her lover Rajeev, despite being married off against her will, underscores her yearning for autonomy and happiness.

The film reaches its crescendo when the diverging paths of Leelamma and Anju intersect, forcing them to confront life-altering decisions. The brilliance of the screenplay lies in its non-judgmental portrayal of these characters. Despite their morally ambiguous actions, they are not painted as villains but as imperfect individuals shaped by their circumstances. This nuanced approach allows viewers to empathize with their plights without passing moral judgments.

Balancing emotion and melodrama is a delicate act, and Ullozhukku navigates this tightrope with remarkable skill. The film never veers into overwrought sentimentality, maintaining an emotional authenticity that resonates deeply.

Cast and Performances in Ullozhukku – Urvashi is Effortlessly Brilliant in This Emotional Drama

Parvathy in Ullozhukku

Urvashi’s performance is nothing short of masterful. She embodies Leelamma with a controlled subtlety, capturing her character’s helplessness and loneliness while leaving us questioning her manipulative tendencies. Parvathy, matching Urvashi’s prowess, delivers a performance that is both powerful and poignant. She might be at the receiving end of several online criticism but Parvathy’s talent shines through, affirming her status as one of the finest actresses in contemporary cinema.

The supporting cast of Ullozhukku, too, delivers commendable performances, though Arjun Radhakrishnan’s character arc falters towards the climax. His transition into a seemingly negative role feels forced and unnecessary, detracting slightly from the narrative’s cohesion.

The background score of Ullozhukku done by Sushin Shyam, blends seamlessly with the narrative, enhancing the emotional landscape without drawing much attention to itself.

Final Verdict on Ullozhukku

In conclusion, Ullozhukku is a film of great merit. It may not possess the mind-blowing twists of a thriller, but its strength lies in its authentic portrayal of human struggles and the stellar performances of its cast. Despite minor narrative flaws, it remains a deeply engaging film that offers a profound commentary on the human condition.

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