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Loved Aavesham? Here Are 5 Quirky Malayalam Movie Villains Like Aavesham’s Ranga

One of the quirkiest, most eccentric, and above all fun characters we had in recent times is undoubtedly Ranga, flawlessly played by Fahad Faasil. His full-on white attire with heavy gold necklaces and a sunglass to top it up, Ranga was a unique piece we all fell in love with after watching Aavesham. While we loved his quirkiness and style, we also fell in love with the man behind all the façade, the real Ranga who is a lonely, hurt man, looking for meaningful relationships around him. While nobody can match up to Ranga, here are some quirky Malayalam movie villains that remind us of him.

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Dude from Aadu Franchise

Dude from the Malayalam movie Aadu Oru Bheegara Jeevi Aanu is easily one of the quirkiest gangsters from Malayalam cinema. Played by Vinayakan, Dude is known for his eccentric style and for making us laugh so hard without even trying. With his distinctive look and oddball henchmen, Dude adds a comedic twist to the film’s storyline. His unique mannerisms and memorable dialogues make him stand out as an unconventional villain. Despite his tough exterior, it’s his quirky personality that leaves a lasting impression, making him a favorite among fans of Malayalam cinema.

Madhura Raja from Pokkiri Raja

Madhura Raja Mammootty

He might be the hero’s estranged elder brother, but the man stole the show. With his broken English, full-on white attire, and quirky hairstyle, Madhura Raja played by Mammootty won the hearts of the Malayali audience so much that they went on to create a spin-off, Madhura Raja (2019) just for. Like most gangsters, Madhu Raja too has a back story with a slightly haunting childhood, but unlike Ranga, his past doesn’t evoke the same sympathy.

Damodarji from Sanmanasullavarkku Samadhanam

Thilakan Damodarji - Malayalam Movie Villain

Another iconic character by the legendary actor Thilakan, Damodarji is a self-proclaimed gangster from the Mumbai underworld. He might have a brief screen time throughout the movie, but the way he elevates the entire film is the very proof of why the character is so iconic. Damodarji might not have a very distinctive style or accent like others, but man, does he have the confidence to scare a person!

Anantan Nambiar from Nadodikaatu

Thilakan Nadodikaattu

A kind enterprise owner by day and a cunning smuggler by night, Anantan Nambiar (again, played by Thilakan) is one of the funniest and quirkiest gangsters in Malayalam cinema. Maybe even the dumbest gangster in Malayalam cinema. He mistakes Dasan and Vijayan, two innocent employees working for him as CIDs, and the events that transpire take us on a roller coaster ride.

Bellari Raja from Rajamanikyam

One of Mammootty’s all-time iconic characters, Bellari Raja from Rajamanikyam might be similar to Aavesham’s Ranga in many ways. Like Ranga, he too is a man with a broken past and circumstances have turned him into the gangster he is. His eccentric accent, flashy clothes, and sunglasses might make him look like a caricature, but Bellari Raja is a man so influential than we can ever imagine and has a heart of gold. The sunglasses that he never takes off tell a story about who Bellari Raja is.

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