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Insignificant dreams are still dreams – Khayali Pulao Review

Rating 3/5
Cast – Prajakta Koli, Yashpal Sharma
Director – Taran Dudeja
Asha (played by Prajakta Koli), just like her name is full of hope, hope to pull herself out of prejudices, at least for a little time. But from the beginning we see a restless in her, her eyes searching for something – individualism maybe.
And when she hears of the announcement-“Girls required for handball team!”, those eyes finally get stuck and glow as if she found something she has been searching for quite a while.
Why does a school topper like Asha suddenly show a keen interest in a sports game that she has never been a part of? Why does she keep on insisting her coach to keep her in the team in spite of being technically proven unfit for the game? Because insignificant dreams are still dreams!
It is this simple message that makes this beautiful “short” (pun intended) film worth mention, a thought which never got a representation as beautiful and relevant as this one.
Asha is not excited about scoring the highest once again. Her expression says that she is in fact bored of the routine “topper” thing. And now she craves for something different and exciting, something she hasn’t done before.
Being unconventional is a privilege in Asha’s case. She is not a rebel who is in a constant fight with her parents and society and speaking up on issues of womanhood in this country. She is completely aware of her limitations as a girl living in a village in Haryana but still find ways to educate and inform herself so that she could step a bit closer to her “insignificant dream”.
Asha echoes the freedom of choice that every person probably stuck in a prejudiced setup long for. She does this with innocence and passion and that is why we fall in love with her instantly. It is amazing to watch Prajakta Koli getting into the soul of our Asha. It is her eyes that do all the speaking, may it be an unsettling desire to do something out of her comfort zone or a mystery in her silence when questioned why she is so adamant to play for the team, Asha’s eyes do all the talking.
Prajakta was so convincing as a village girl and Hariyanvi slang did not sound fake or pretentious.
It is hard to imagine anyone else as Asha after seeing a wonderful debut by the much-celebrated YouTuber Prajakta Koli (@mostlysane). No wonder why she has such a huge fanbase. She is indeed a spectacular actor.

Yashpal Sharma also did a wonderful job as Asha’s handball coach. Without giving away too much, Yashpal Sharma brilliantly communicates a sense of desperation to do something worthwhile by making the girls’ handball team win. But unfortunately, the team didn’t make it and his dream ended up remaining just a dream.
The short film released on july 12th on Prajakta Koli’s youtube channel.
Watch the short film Khayali Pulao on Prajakta Koli’s youtube channel.

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