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Netflix’s Sex Education Season 3 Review: Another satisfying watch!

Rating: 3.5/5

Cast: Asa Butterfield, Emma Mackey, Ncuti Gatwa, Gillian Anderson

I heard a lot about Netflix’s teenage drama Sex Education in 2020, when the second season released and decided to give it a watch. I must say it’s one of the best decision I ever made that year. By the end, I was filled with confidence in myself, accepting myself a bit more and just wanted to see Otis and Maeve together. But, the obnoxious crippled guy came in the way. Fans of the show (including me) have stood together in hating Isaac, the crippled guy, since he deleted Otis’s message for Maeve, the message that would have resulted in their union.

After nearly one and a half years later, season three was finally announced to be released by Netflix. The latest trailer, which Netflix featured hours before the release of season three, is everything I have been waiting for. We see Maeve and Otis in a rather romantic and serene setup. Maeve asks him, “What was in the voicemail? ” This just pumped up my adrenaline rush and I was waiting for the clock to strike 12.30pm.

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I hadn’t planned on watching the entire eight episodes in single day but just couldn’t resist myself.

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From the last season there were many things that needed continuity, like Jean’s pregnancy, Eric and Adam’s relationship, Otis and Maeve and so on. The series opens with lots of sex, giving us hint where all the characters are now. The opening shot is brilliantly taken. Though 18+, the scene is quite catchy and well taken.

Things on Moordale are on a line of change. The new head teacher, Hope is on a mission to “fix” the sexually infested high school. Her strict measures enforced lead to several complications violating identity of certain students. Speaking of new characters on this season, apart from Hope, there’s Cal, who identifies herself as non-binary and enters into a tiff with Hope and then there’s Otis’s moustache, a complete scene stealer!

Several relationships or an a complicated road. Adam-Eric, Jean-Jacob, Lily-Ola and so on find themselves on rough patch. As the series explores all these issues, it once again makes us fall in love with ourselves, once again makes us less insecure about ourselves, encourages us to take pride in what we believe and the person that we are.  However, unlike previous seasons the third one doesn’t focusses on the romantic segments much. Not that it lowers the quality or entertainment of the series in anyway but I was really looking for some more of Otis and Maeve. But we do get to see more of Eric and Adam, exploring the extremes of their relationships.

What I like about Sex Education is how every character is given significance, how stories of every characters are told in detail. This season explores more of Jacob as well, which I really enjoyed. He had a story we were unaware of. And even the new addition to the cast, Hope, the strict headmistress had a story, which maybe explored more in the next season I suppose. However, we fail to empathize with her as she opens up on her personal difficulties with conception. And then there’s Michael Groff, the ex headmaster, who comes to understand how his childhood had affected his adult life and sets out to change his circumstance and correct his mistakes.

Sex Education Season 3 comes out loud and clear about sexual choices and identity issues. It ends making an impact and I love that. Unlike previous seasons, this one explores a new set of issues and digs deeper on them, giving us much needed clarity. Struggles of 48-year-old expecting  Jean sure does make a statement.

I’m not sure how long this winning formula of teenage love and insecurities can hold up the show. It will be for the best if makers go a level further and just confine to character progressions in the next season (if there is one!).


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