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Kurup brought me back to the theatres after 20 months!

The last time I went to the movies was back in March 2020, just a few days before our lives changed forever due to the pandemic. I never really believed that a movie could be enjoyed only in the theatres. I have had my best memories of movies when I cherished them in solitude, taking in everything they had to offer. Nevertheless, there are some movies that deserve to be watched at the theatres, with the crowd cheering and relishing the visual magic in all its glory.

Now nearly two years later, I came back to the theatre to watch one of the most hyped Malayalam movies of recent times, Kurup. The excitement surrounding the film had stemmed long back, ever since it was announced. It brings together fiction and real-life incidents to deliver an engaging take on one of the longest manhunts.

The promotion of the film did suffer when posts against ‘glorifying a wanted criminal’ surfaced on social media. As someone who has seen this film, I can assure you that Kurup, in no way glorifies the brutal crimes committed by the fugitive. The Chacko murder is one of the most hard-hitting scenes in the movie. It is Dulquer’s suave charm and body language that makes us like Kurup, but not in a ‘glorifying the criminal’ kind of way. It is the first time we see Dulquer Salman in a negative shade and he leaves us mesmerized. Pardon me if I’m fangirling, but the man looks so dapper in every shot. It does not matter whether he is dressed as an old man, a Sadhu, or a coolie, Dulquer’s handsomeness is something that transcends the idea of male beauty.

As a theatrical experience, especially from someone who had not been at a theatre for long, Kurup was everything I wanted. I experienced a sense of satisfaction as the end credits rolled in. I doubt if I would have felt the same if I watched it on my 6-inch phone screen or 14-inch laptop. Kurup is made for the theatre and therefore should be enjoyed at the theatres.

Sushin Shyam’s music elevates the mood of the entire narrative. His background score is one of the best aspects of the film. The beats during the ‘Kurup hunt’ build a sense of curiosity in us.

Nimish Ravi’s frames are magical. Recreating the 80s is a challenge that Nimish conquers effortlessly. The guy has immense potential and is on his way to becoming a big name in the industry.

Shine Tom Chacko as Bhasi Pillai (Bhaskaran Pillai in real life) is a stunner. He is one of the best supporting cast members who does a fantastic job as the crooked brother-in-law of Kurup. Shine Tom Chacko deserves more appreciation and credibility as an actor.

Sobitha Dhulipala has little screen time. She is convincing as Kurup’s wife but could have been utilized more as a noted performer.

I can say without hesitation that Kurup brought me back to the theatres. As I already mentioned, Srinath Rajendran’s Kurup is a satisfying theatrical experience. But looking at the movie beyond this theatrical experience may bring our attention to some minor drawbacks, which I’m willing to ignore as of now.

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