Mukundan Unni Associates
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Decoding the cunning mind of Adv. Mukundan Unni

Cast: Vineeth Sreenivasan, Arsha Baiju, Suraj Venjaramoodu, Tanvi Ram

The lead character Mukundan Unni is the plot of Mukundan Unni Associates! Throughout the film, we are entirely in Mukundan Unni’s head, enjoying and laughing at all his cunning thoughts. It may be for the first time, that a film takes us on an unfiltered journey through the lead character’s corrupted mind. And guess what, it successfully creates a refreshing narrative that keeps us engaged till the end.

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The lead character Mukundan Unni is one of a kind (or maybe he is one of us, just unfiltered and unafraid to fathom miles to get his deed done!). He is in his mid-thirties, still struggling to reach his idea of success. In the first act, we mistake him to be a smart lawyer trying too hard to be taken seriously. Most of this is visualized in a funny and witty fashion. And on a random day, a new world opens up for him and his wicked mind gets into action. We see through the depth of his mind and notice how narcissistic he is. Ambition becomes a wild obsession for him to prove himself to people. And as the movie progresses, we see his mind going to a darker space we never imagined him to go. He clears his way strategically, eliminating all the roadblocks and accompanying people who will never stand up to him. We are engrossed in his competitive and wicked mind, often wondering how evil can someone be.

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Mukundan Unni is so different from the prototype of a male lead who is often happy, or embodiment of manliness, or even the savior for the oppressed. Our lead is a narcissistic psychopath and does not serve the consequences of his actions, least, he does not even reprimand his doing, not even a bit of guilt runs through his vein. He just scales his way to the top. But don’t assume that it is some kind of message that the film is trying to convey on how working like Mukundan Unni is your shortcut to success. The film just presents us with a wild lead character, who has no message to offer.

Mukundan Unni has no emotions. He has a good friend, a good wife, and some good-hearted beneficiaries but nothing appeals to Mukundan Unni. Everyone and everything are a part of his strategic agenda to become successful.

Every move that Mukundan Unni makes leaves us surprised. The unpredictability of the character is one of the highlights of the film. But yes, the third act goes a little too dark, making me question the necessity to plunge the character into such a dark space.

However, the entire degeneracy is lightened up with the subtle humor that keeps us from going insane watching Mukundan Unni’s madness.

Vineeth Sreenivasan as an actor has usually fitted into a particular category of characters who are generally warm, funny, and spread a sense of warmth. His act as Mukundan Unni is out of this box, and Vineeth pulls off the character with so much conviction. The detailing he gives to Mukundan Unni makes the character more refined and deeper. It only makes me want to see more of him as an actor, to be honest.

Mukundan Unni Associates is a well-structured movie with a refreshing narrative.

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