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Saji from Kumbalangi Nights and Mental Health


Unlike physical health, mental health is rarely addressed in our country. People fear to speak up on their mental health issues as much as people back off from listening to those suffering from mental health trauma.
It took a supremely talented actor’s untimely demise and a pandemic to wake up to the dangers of depression and related mental illness.

Professional help for mental fitness is something that many still do not even know about. And some who do know, try to rule out its existence as baseless and unnecessary. How severe the consequences of depression can be is now somewhat coming out loud and clear to many.


Saji from Kumbalangi Nights gave some major mental health goals


Remember Saji from Malayalam movie Kumbalangi Nights? The movie is a beautiful depiction of dysfunctional families and messed up relations. It is flawless in its presentation and I can watch it a million times without getting bored.

kumbalangi nights

Though the movie is all about the beauty of broken and neglected things, there is this one scene in the movie that is extremely relevant in the current scenario. A chain of unfortunate incidents leaves Saji numb and miserable. “I am not even able to cry”, he chokes as he says.

Saji needed help and he was aware of it, so he goes ahead and asks for help. He breaks down and weeps in front of the doctor as he gets everything out of his system, all the childhood trauma and every other thing that bothered him. He leaves the clinic, a bit relieved. And as he walks out, there is his younger brother, Frankie, with his comforting arm around his shoulders just by his side. We now see hope in Saji’s eyes. Slowly but surely, he is getting his life back together.

This scene speaks volumes about mental health. Things may go wrong in life but there is always a way out. Seeking professional help can do wonders in your life and with supportive family and friends, beautiful and happy life is not impossible.

So successful, so much money and fame, and still depressed? This question asked by several people all over the internet about actor Sushant Singh’s Rajput’s untimely demise itself is proof that the whereabouts of depression are still an alien concept to many in this country. It is important to understand that materialistic pleasure has nothing to do with mental well-being.

Sometimes the ransom riches fail to fill the constant void in the mind and fail to remind us that we are not worthless and deserve to lead a good life.

As much as we need to stand up for the sake of our mental wellbeing it is equally important that we do know the difference between feeling sad and being depressed. Don’t call yourself depressed unless clinically certified by a doctor. Depression is a whole different thing; it is dark and hidden in the most beautiful smile you come across daily. It is extremely different from experiencing grief and expressing remorse. Depression is a heavy word and using it casually undermines the severity of the mental disease. Let’s be a little more careful and precise in our day-to-day conversations when speaking of mental health.


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