South Indian Movies that should never be remade in Bollywood

With so many upcoming Bollywood remakes of south Indian movies, we hope that they spare these precious films from losing their shine with all the fancy and glamor redo of tinsel town. Also, all these films are shortlisted from the poll on The FourthWall’s Instagram page and are therefore based on popular opinion.

1. Kumbalangi Nights (Malayalam)
A still from movie Kumbalangi Nights

This film was polled by more than 90 percent of people on the Instagram page of The FourthWall. That is how many people love this film! 

Not only is it impossible to replace the scenic beauty and sheer realism of the Malayalam film Kumbalangi Nights, but it is also not an easy task to find someone as good as Soubin Shahir for the role of Saji. 

So the possibilities of a remake are really bleak. If you haven’t watched this gem you can always watch it on Amazon Prime.

2. Super Deluxe (Tamil)
A still from movie Super Deluxe

The second most polled film, Super Deluxe is one of a kind. Attempting to recreate this masterpiece would be nothing less than stupidity. Not a single person who has seen this amazing movie would, not even the Bollywood audience would tolerate a remake. 

Also, the compelling narrative is not something that suits the Bollywood style. So, undoubtedly the possibilities of a remake are off the table.


3. Banglore Days (Malayalam)
A still from movie Banglore Days

Well, a Tamil remake didn’t quite do a good job and so will a remake in any other language. So it would better to just drop the idea of remaking Banglore Days. 

And also, consider a hypothetical situation where Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions decides to remake this feel-good film, to would be called “Europe Days” instead of “Banglore Days” with all the fancy and rich backdrop!

4. 96 (Tamil)
A still from movie 96

The theme of innocent teenage romance is not alien to Bollywood but Ram and Jaanu are better off this way with their incomplete love leaving us both sorry and satisfied at the same moment. 

They reflect a much deep and mature relationship and that is why we love them just the way they are. Let’s not mess that up with exaggeration and drama. 

Tamil film 96 was however remade into Telugu and Kannada and reports say that it didn’t work out quite well.

5. Mayanadhi (Malayalam)
A still from movie Mayanadhi

If you actually think, there is a huge possibility to remake this intense romance drama by Aashiq Abu by just spicing up the entire storyline. Let’s cross our fingers that nothing like that happens! 

It’s just that Appu and Mathan seem better in this original version of their “mystical river” so let it be. 

6. Sandesham (Malayalam)
A still from movie Sandesham

This cult classic film of the 80s that stands relevant to date can never have a remake. It is something exclusive for the Malayalee audience and we are never having it any other way. 

Spoiling Vellanakalud Naadu with its Bollywood adaptation is more than enough for us to take! The dialogues and scenes of Sandesham are still fresh in our minds. Let’s just rule out the possibility of a remake.

Have some more to add to the list? Let me know in the comments!

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