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Thirike Malayalam Movie Review: Simple Soulful

Rating: 3.5/5

Cast: George Kora, Gopikrishna Varma, Shanthi Krishna, Sarasa Balussery

Directed by: George Kora, Sam Xavier

A movie about a differently-abled child isn’t new to Indian cinema. But a brilliant narration on the love and affection shared by two brothers of whom one is differently-abled sure is new. Thirike is a story about two brothers separated at a young age after the death of their parents. George Kora, who also co-directed the film plays the younger brother Thoma while Gopikrishna Varma plays the elder brother Sebumon alias Ismail Rafeeq, the one born with Down Syndrome.

We are made aware of the love Thoma has for his elder brother right from the beginning. He gets triggered and angry whenever someone teases his brother or even tags him as a ‘special kid’. But destiny had some other plans for the brothers and they part ways in the orphanage.

Now the movie comes to the present timeframe. Ismail is loved and taken well care of by his adopted Muslim parents while Thoma works in a bakery. He is not much welcome in his brother’s foster home, maybe it reminds the foster parents that someone with more rights and authority on Ismail exists in this world.

Thoma wants his brother back. He tries his best to dig up childhood memories in Ismail but nothing really works. This time he takes it a little too far and ‘kidnaps’ Ismail. He takes him to their childhood home and relives those beautiful days.

Ismail doesn’t recognize anything though he enjoys each and every moment of his stay there. Unlike Ismail, Thoma is still stuck there, unable to move on. He wants his childhood back, his brother back, his only family back. Because, unlike Ismail, Thoma never cherished love after the death of his parents.

The rest of the film is about how the events that follow turn their lives around and how they come in peace with their present.

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Thirike offers a rush of emotions and soulfulness. The film is funny as much as it is endearing. Though the humor lightens the intense tone, it does not take away the seriousness of the narrative. The best thing about the film is how beautifully it tells the story and how deeply we connect to it. George Kora has definitely done wonderful work with the script.

The overall filmmaking is not refreshing or exciting. It’s simple and decent.

thirike malayalam movie review

The lead actors George Kora and Gopikrishna have done a wonderful job and share brilliant chemistry. Gopikrishna here needs a special mention for his effortless and convincing performance. Then there’s Sarasa Balussery as the brothers’ lovable neighbor who steals all our hearts. Shanthi Krishna also does a great job as Ismail’s mother. Not for a second do we doubt her love for her adopted son.

It’s great to see a film with such a fresh cast getting all the love recognition it deserves. It’s an indicator that the Malayalee audience always appreciates good films regardless of the big names on the screen.

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