Amazing Female Characters in Hindi Cinema
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5 Amazing Female Characters from Hindi Cinema!

While looking for inspiring female role models, sometimes looking into the movies can help find the one. Though imaginary and often idealistic, some female characters from the movies leave an indelible impression on us that we end up taking some serious life lessons from them. Here is a list of some amazing female characters from Hindi cinema whom I love.

1.Piku from Piku

Piku Deepika Padukone

The 30-year-old Delhi-based architect with Bengali roots may come across as an annoying and bossy woman but she is nothing but a sweet soul. Most women were able to relate with Piku because an adult woman juggling with her personal and professional life is one of the most common characteristics of several Indian women. Piku has the tedious task of taking care of her stubborn father who is struggling with bowel inconveniences. Piku is frustrated about her father’s behavior but she doesn’t complain. Nor does she make it sound like doing her father a favor. Piku’s character has been written in such detail that we get know her like the back of our hand.

2. Megha from Lust Stories

The taboo surrounding female sexual desires in our society has rarely been given any attention. Megha from Lust Stories does the brave job of speaking out her mind on her sexual necessities. Newly married, Megha is unsatisfied with her husband in bed. Her family considers sex as just a process to continue forward the legacy by producing offspring. Megha believes that sexual intercourse is more than a social obligation to have children. She stands up for her rights and doesn’t regret or feel guilty about her actions.

3. Simi from Andhadhun

Tabu Andhadhun

Indian cinema doesn’t really have a good collection of female villains to its credit. Of the few available, Simi (played by Tabu) from Andhadhun would top the list. There are so many layers to her character that we find it hard to decode Simi. She kills but regrets but kills again. How does she have so much strength to on and on and on with it? But as a villain, she doesn’t have a vampesque outlook to her. She comes across as a deadly but funny person who simply leaves a halo of mystery in the film.

4. Vidya Bagchi from Kahaani


A pregnant woman comes to Kolkata from America in search of her husband but in the process, bigger secrets unveil. At the end of the film, we come to realize that Vidya is nowhere close to the person we thought her to be. Vidya refrained from becoming a damsel in distress and chose to fight her own battle. Like a goddess, she kills the ones who wronged her, who took her family away from her. Vidya Bagchi from Kahaani is one of the finest characters ever written in Indian cinema.

5. Paro from DevD

Mahi Gill DevD

DevD by Anurag Kashyap is a retelling of the classic novel Devdas which has been adapted into films several times. The original version simply romanticizes the toxic and arrogant male lead Dev while leaving the female characters Paro and Chandramukhi as epitomes of excessive tolerance who put up with the toxic traits of Dev who refuses to take any accountability for his actions. In DevD, this has been revised with Paro being madly in love with Dev, but never tolerant of his male ego. She doesn’t shy away from expressing her sexual desires and sends her naked photos to Dev. She even carries a mattress to the fields for her early morning make-out sessions! Now that’s a Paro who is liberated in all sense.

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