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5 Movies to Watch if You Loved Manjummel Boys

The love for the Malayalam movie Manjummel Boys seems endless, as it quickly becomes one of the fastest films to cross the 100-crore mark at the box office.  As of today, it is the highest grossing Malayalam movie of all time. With its blend of survival drama, friendship, and a refreshing rendition of Ilayaraja’s classic track “Kanmani Anbodu,” Manjummel Boys delivers a thoroughly engaging, entertaining, and chilling cinematic experience.

If you are looking for more movies like Manjummel Boys, here are some movies that explore similar themes of survival, courage, and resilience in the face of adversity.

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1. Malootty (1990)

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Malootty is a compelling Malayalam survival drama directed by legendary director Bharathan. Inspired by a real-life incident in Italy, the film centers on five-year-old Malootty, portrayed by Baby Shyamili, who falls into a borewell while on vacation at her ancestral home.

As Malootty’s family grapples with the terrifying situation, the film delves into their frantic efforts to rescue her before it’s too late. Against the backdrop of adverse weather conditions and the looming threat of time running out, the community rallies together to aid in the rescue operation.

Baby Shyamili’s nuanced performance adds depth to the portrayal of Malootty’s harrowing ordeal, capturing the audience’s empathy and investment in her survival. She received the Kerala State Film Award for Best Child Actor for her breathtaking performance. Given the circumstances of the victim, Malootty is a movie just like Manjummel Boys.

2. Trapped (2016)

trapped hindi survival thriller

Directed by Vikramaditya Motwane, Trapped is another movie like Manjummel Boys and follows the harrowing ordeal of Shaurya, a young man who becomes trapped in his apartment without food, water, or electricity. As Shaurya struggles to escape from this house which has now turned into a lonely prison, the film delves into themes of isolation, desperation, and the will to survive against insurmountable odds.  The extent to which he goes to keep himself alive is chilling and disturbing.

Rajkummar Rao delivers a riveting performance, capturing the raw emotions and physical toll of Shaurya’s predicament with nuance and intensity. Motwane’s direction heightens the tension and suspense, creating a palpable sense of unease that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. Trapped is a chilling and immersive cinematic experience that explores the depths of human resilience and the primal instinct for survival at any cost.

3. Helen (2019)

helen Malayalam survival drama

Directed by Mathukutty Xavier, Helen is a gripping Malayalam thriller that unfolds the harrowing tale of a young woman named Helen, who finds herself trapped in a freezer room at her workplace. As her family and the authorities launch a frantic search to find her, Helen must rely on her courage, resourcefulness, and inner strength to survive the freezing temperatures and isolation.

Anna Ben delivers a captivating performance as Helen, portraying her fear, determination, and resilience with remarkable authenticity. Mathukutty Xavier skillfully builds tension and suspense throughout the film, drawing viewers into Helen’s desperate struggle for survival and the race against time to rescue her.

A mouse in the freezer becomes Helen’s companion in survival and loneliness. When the mouse finally dies, somewhere Helen feels that she will end up with the same fate. It’s an interesting analogy that the makers have done here.  Helen is a riveting and thought-provoking cinematic experience that explores themes of courage, resilience, and the unwavering human spirit in the face of unimaginable adversity.

4. Airlift (2016)

Airlift Movie like manjummel boys
Image Courtesy: Bollywood Journalist

Airlift is a Hindi survival drama directed by Raja Krishna Menon. Based on true events, the film unfolds against the backdrop of the Iraq-Kuwait war in 1990, focusing on the largest civilian evacuation in history.

At the heart of the story is Ranjit Katyal, a wealthy Indian businessman played by Akshay Kumar, who finds himself thrust into a high-stakes survival situation as he spearheads the evacuation of thousands of stranded Indians from Kuwait. As chaos erupts in the war-torn region and resources dwindle, Ranjit must navigate through perilous circumstances to ensure the safety of his fellow countrymen.

Airlift masterfully captures the tension and urgency of the evacuation efforts, depicting the sheer scale of the operation and the life-or-death decisions faced by those involved.

5. 2018 (2023)

2018 Malayalam movie
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Standing just next to Manjummel Boys in the list of highest grossing Malayalam movies is 2018 which tells the story of the devastating floods in Kerala during 2018, which claimed over 300 lives. The film isn’t just about survival; it’s about the bravery and unity that emerged during the crisis.

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Through the character of Anoop, played by Tovino Thomas, the movie pays tribute to those who risked everything to save others. From the fishermen to the soldiers, the movie highlights the relentless efforts of people coming together to rescue those in need.

Drawing from real-life events, 2018 showcases the severity of the floods and the heartwarming acts of kindness that occurred. As a Malayali who witnessed the floods, I couldn’t watch this without feeling a lump in my throat

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