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The Family Man Season 2 Review – Amazon Prime Video

The much-awaited second season of The Family Man meets all the expectations!

Cast: Manoj Bajpayee, Samantha Akkineni, Priyamani, Sharib Hashmi

Director: Raj & DK

No. of episodes: 9 (45-60 min each)

Platform: Amazon Prime Video

Rating: 4/5

Srikanth Tiwari is back with another espionage mission and this time it escalates a notch higher. The much-awaited second edition of Raj & DK’s The Family Man is bigger and grander than the first one.

The second season of The Family Man sees a wider cast, with Samantha Akkineni playing the antagonist and also marking her digital debut.

While in the first season, we see Srikanth on a mission to fight the terrorists invading our country, this season we see him fight off the Sri Lankan Tamil rebels who want to kill the PM with the help of terrorists from the first season.

The series starts off with Srikanth’s new work-life at an IT firm. Obviously, he isn’t happy with it, nor is his wife Suchi for whom he gave up his job at TASC.


Well, Srikanth is Srikanth. He can’t confine himself to an office space between 9-5 and joins TASC back.

Samantha’s Raji is similar to Neeraj Madhav’s Moosa as they both are motivated by personal loss and are determined to complete their mission of killing innocent people.

Samantha’s Raji is a highly trained Sri Lankan Tamil rebel who is an excellent air fighter. She is called in by her people to execute a mission where the target is the country’s PM. Samantha has done an excellent and remarkable job in her digital debut. It’s good to see her explore herself more as an actor.


Honestly, the remarks on her intentional skin darkening seem a little unnecessary here.

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The film also doesn’t stereotype South India like we generally see in Bollywood movies. In fact, there are moments where it breaks the cliche stereotypes of South India.

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Most of the ‘family’ elements in The Family Man season 2 happen when Srikanth’s daughter Drithi gets involved in the mission. The scenes are frightening and thrilling.

The scenes involving Srikanth and Talpade’s bromance are also pretty sweet and endearing.

I must admit this season is more exciting, bloody, and thrilling. It is also packed with emotions and drama in the right amount. We see more of Srikanth, the committed TASC agent, and less of Srikanth, the family man. But that doesn’t compromise on the storyline in any way.

You know, the series made me wonder; every day we live and exist because of the efforts of such secret agents who have sacrificed their lives and prevented a huge security breach that we are not even aware of. Hats off to those brave men and women.

Srikanth’s wife Suchi desperately wants to share something with him. Maybe about what happened in Lonavla during season one, but it looks like we will have to wait for another season to know more about that.

Seems like the director duo has a third season in their minds that will be based on the pandemic that hit our country last year. I just can’t wait to watch it! Fingers crossed for the ultimate The Family Man edition.

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